August "Garden of Eatin'" Meeting

The annual Garden of Eatin' meeting is Saturday August 26th from 1-9pm and is hosted by Oggie and Wendy in their front garden in the Erland's Point area. The theme is Refreshing Summer Beverages. Oggie will have brisket and a grill will be available. Bring your potluck dish, homebrews or commercial brews, a taster glass, bottled water and maybe a small deck chair. More info is in the Newsletter emailed out 8/2/17.

The September Meeting is Saturday September 23rd and will be hosted by Lou and the theme is Oktoberfest. This is also your last chance to order WSB tshirts or work shirts through Lou. The October Meeting is Friday October 27th and is hosted by Curt and Diane. There will be a "Learn to Homebrew" day on Saturday November 5th and will be hosted by Jack. December will be our club officer election. January is the annual Barleywine Meeting. February is the annual Strangebrewary Meeting. March is Wood Fest and April is Cask Fest.