BIG BREW is May 7th!

BIG BREW is Saturday May 7th starting at 9:30am at Mike and Ilene's place in Brownsville. Jack will also help host. The annual worldwide Toast to Homebrewing is 10am our time. Bring your brewing equipment and set up near the garage or in the backyard. Brew up your own recipe or check out the AHA for what they suggest this year. Also bring your homebrews, commercial brews and snacks to share. The theme is pale ales, ipa's and spring brews. More info is in the Newsletter emailed out 4/21. The June Meeting is Sunday June 26th starting at 5pm on the beach in the Gamble Bay area and is hosted by Jim and Nancy.

Thank You to all who came out to McCloud's for the WSB Homebrew Cask Fest. We voted for Favorite Cask and First Place went to Paul for his "Uplift" British Best Bitter. Second Place went to Oggie for his version of Raison D'Xtra. Third Place also went to Oggie for his Turbo Cider. Honorable Mention went to Kent for his Nigori Genshu (Cloudy Saki). Congratulations All!