July Meeting

The July Meeting will be this Saturday, July 25th, from 2pm to whenever and will be hosted by Curt and Diane at their place near Illahee. Theme is Summer brews. They will be making something on the Smoker/Grill. Please bring your homebrews, commercial brews and snacks to share, and a taster glass.
Also on July 25th Silver City Brewery and Taproom in Bremerton is having a "Garage Sale" and the West Sound Brewers are invited starting at 10:30am, before the general public is invited at Noon. There will be taphandles, bottle labels are other brewery items for sale. Tours of their new brewhouse will also be given.

The August Meeting is Saturday August 15th and is hosted by Oggie and Wendy at their 5th Annual Garden of Eatin' Party.

Stat planning and creating your homebrews for our Oktoberfest/Fresh Hop Fest in October at the Silver City Brewery and Taproom, Barleywine Meeting in January, Strangebrewary in February, Wood Fest (wood-aged brews) in March and Cask Fest in April.