Homebrew and Pi(e)

The March Homebrew and Pi(e) Meeting will be Saturday March 14 (3.14.15) from Noon-6pm in the brewery at the Silver City Taproom in Bremerton. Please bring a sweet or savory pie, a taster glass and your homebrew (no commercial beers except Silver City beers will be allowed). There are outlets available if you need it for a warming tray or whatever. We will be taking donations for the venue. Dan the bar manager has the brewery all set up for us before we arrive and then breaks it down after the meeting. Thanks you so much Dan! There will be some WSB schwag to purchase.

The WSB Cask Fest is Saturday April 25th from 2-6pm at McCloud's Grill House in East Bremerton. Start researching on preparing and dispensing your cask conditioned homebrews.

The Annual AHA Big Brew is Saturday May 2nd and will be hosted by our club president Jack M. in Brownsville. This is a world-wide event where hombrew clubs have their members get-together and brew for the day. The AHA has a recipe provided or you can brew up any style. The Toast to Homebrewing is 10am our time.