The club's Second Annual Strangbrewary event will be Sunday February 15th from 2-6pm at the Bremerton Marina. Please bring your homebrewed Strange Brews in a growler or 2 or 3 bottles to share and we will have an informal vote on Strangest and then Tastiest Brew. Please label your brews with your name and the name of the brew. We will start tasting and note taking at 3pm, then start voting at 5pm and then announce the winners (the most combined votes -1st, 2nd and 3rd place votes) by 6pm. From 2-3pm, as we are waiting for everyone to arrive, we can share other homebrews that aren't in the competition. Members who don't brew can bring a commercial brew and snacks to share (not enough power for crockpots-though). If you can't make the meeting, try to get your Strange Brew to another member who will be attending. Don't forget your taster glass and bottled water. More info will be in the Strangebrewary Newsletter.
The March Meeting will be Homebrews and Pi(e) Day at the Silver City Taproom in East Bremerton on Saturday March 14th from Noon-6pm. Bring whatever style homebrew and a sweet or savory pie to share.
April will be our Cask Fest and this year it will be any beer style and ABV and we will then have an informal vote on favorite cask.
Wood Fest could be another event for the club later in the year or in March 2016. Either use a wooden barrel if you have it or use raw, toasted or soaked woodchips in your brew.