September Meeting

The WSB September Meeting is Saturday September 20th from 3pm to whenever and is hosted by Curt and Diane at their place in East Bremerton. The theme will be Oktoberfest and/or Pumpkin brews. A grill will be available. Since it is harvest season - maybe bring your homemade pickles or other canning/preserves to share. Hopefully it will be nice weather and we can sit outside. Please bring a taster glass, your homebrews and snacks to share. Details are in the September Newsletter.

The WSB Oktoberfest/Meeting is Saturday October 25th from 2-8pm and will be held at the Silver City Taproom in East Bremerton. Please bring your homebrewed Oktoberfests/Marzens/Fresh Hop brews and we will have an informal voting on favorite brew. No other commercial brews at this meeting please.