Strangebrewary Results

A big Thank You goes out to Denette and Mike for letting the WSB hold their Strangebrewary event at their place. Thirteen club members brought 20 different brews to sample and then we had a vote. With a total of 8 votes cast in his favor-Curt won with his Pineapple Cream Blond. Paul received a total of 6 votes for his Cranberry Spiced Ale. Corey received a total of 5 votes for his Red India Pale Lager. Terry received 4 votes for his Juniperberry IPA and 4 votes for his Whiskey Stout #1. Mike won 4 votes for his Ginger Ale Cider. Kent won 4 votes for his Triple with Fenugreek. Lou won 4 votes for his Triple/Blackberry Fusion and Bill won 4 votes for his Double Chocolate Porter. Others who brought brews were Oggie, Andy, Jeremy, Alan and Dave. Everyone won at least one vote for one of their brews. Congratulations to all. Interesting note: Our current President (Curt), Vice-President (Paul) and last year's President (Corey) were the top vote-getters.