June Meeting

The June Meeting is Sunday June 26th starting at 5pm and is hosted by Jim and Nancy in the Gamble Bay area. It's a Clambake! Bring your homebrews, commercial brews, bottled water, sidedishes/snacks and don't forget your taster glass. Dress in layers for the beach. More info is in the Newsletter emailed out 5/10.
The July Meeting is Beerstock in Orting on July 30th. More info on that is in the Newsletter titled Beerstock.

Ballast Point homebrew competition

Ballast Point is having a homebrew competition as part of their 20 year anniversay. A winner from 6 different regions will be picked to brew their homebrew on Ballast Point's 5 BBL pilot system. They will pay your round trip airfare and 2 night lodging in San Diego!!! Entries will be recieved May 11 thru May 25th.....http://www.ballastpoint.com/og20/

BIG BREW is May 7th!

BIG BREW is Saturday May 7th starting at 9:30am at Mike and Ilene's place in Brownsville. Jack will also help host. The annual worldwide Toast to Homebrewing is 10am our time. Bring your brewing equipment and set up near the garage or in the backyard. Brew up your own recipe or check out the AHA for what they suggest this year. Also bring your homebrews, commercial brews and snacks to share. The theme is pale ales, ipa's and spring brews. More info is in the Newsletter emailed out 4/21. The June Meeting is Sunday June 26th starting at 5pm on the beach in the Gamble Bay area and is hosted by Jim and Nancy.

Thank You to all who came out to McCloud's for the WSB Homebrew Cask Fest. We voted for Favorite Cask and First Place went to Paul for his "Uplift" British Best Bitter. Second Place went to Oggie for his version of Raison D'Xtra. Third Place also went to Oggie for his Turbo Cider. Honorable Mention went to Kent for his Nigori Genshu (Cloudy Saki). Congratulations All!

WSB Annual Cask Fest April 16th

The WSB Annual Homebrew Cask Fest is Saturday April 16th from 11am to 5pm and will be held once again at McCloud's Grillhouse at 2901 Perry Avenue in East Bremerton. McCloud's doesn't officially open until Noon, but the general manager Dave (you may remember him as a long ago bartender at Silver City) will open for us and help set up the tables for us. Dave is thrilled to have the WSB use the sideroom and see what casks there will be. Brewers-please bring towels to have under or around your casks. Club members should bring their own taster/pint glasses. McCloud's will have a few plastic cups available. Please have lunch or dinner at McCloud's - we will have a server checking in on us. We will also be taking Donations for the use of the space. Thank You goes to owner Andy Graham for allowing us to have this event there. Last year we had 10 homebrewers serve up 10 different cask-conditioned ales and a cider for a total of 55 gallons and dispensed them in almost 10 different ways. More info on the meeting, cask-conditioning and how to serve a real ale is in the 3 different emails sent out 3/27.

BIG BREW is all day Saturday May 7th and will be held at Mike and Ilene's place just south of the Brownsville Marina. BIG BREW is a worldwide homebrew event and the Toast to Homebrewing is 10am our time. Last year we had about 5 homebrewers set up their equipment and brew all afternoon - there is always room for more! The AHA has suggestions for recipes or use your own. This is potluck and you can bring your homebrews or commercial brews to share.

Beerstock 5060-7 is Saturday July 30th in Orting and the WSB will be setting up a booth. About 18 clubs from around the state participate and this is where you can have any type of homebrew served from kegs/jockey boxes or served from the bottle. Some of our club members will be camping there that night. Start planning on what homebrews you would like to serve!

Wood Fest Winners

A big Thank You to Silver City Brewery and Taproom for having the WSB Homebrew Wood Fest in the brewery. Had a nice turnout with 9 homebrewers entering 12 wood-aged ales and we had 19 people vote for Favorite Brew. First Place went to Kent and Brent Reed for their LeMaitre "Big Bang" Belgian Quad aged on oak. Second Place went to Lou Strowger for his Whiskey Barrel Aged Belgian Imperial Stout. Third Place went to Dave Wainscott for his 2013 Oaked Imperial Stout. Honorable Mention went to Paul Navarrette for his Red IPA on Spanish Cedar.
SIlver City brewer Matt Riggs also chose a homebrew that Silver City will brew up on their pilot system and then serve in the Taproom and that winner is Dave Wainscott for his 2013 Oaked Imperial Stout. Congratulations to all!
Also would like to mention Oggie Ogden for his experiment with taking his base beer of Pale Ale and then aging it on 4 different fruit woods - pear, apple, plum and cherry.

Homebrew Wood Fest

The WSB Homebrew Wood Fest is Saturday March 19th from Noon-6pm at the Silver City Brewery and Taproom. Please bring your wood-aged homebrew in a growler or 3 22oz bottles or the equivalent and mark them with your name and the name of the brew. We will be voting for Favorite Brew. Also a brewer from Silver City will have a blind tasting and choose a beer to brew up on their pilot system and then serve in the taproom. It is potluck (how about an Irish food theme) and plenty of room for crockpots. While we wait for everyone to arrive we can enjoy other homebrews or purchase Silver City brews or bring aged Silver City brews. Don't forget your taster glass. No one under 21yrs old or other commercial brews are allowed. More info is in the Newsletter emailed out 3/14.

The WSB Homebrew Cask Fest is Saturday April 16th from 11am-5pm and will be held again at McCloud's Grillhouse.

20th Annual Cascade Brewers Cup

Coming in April....20th Annual Cascade Brewers Cup...


Reminder: Third Annual Strangebrewary Meeting is Sunday February 21st

The Third Annual Strangebrewary Meeting is Sunday February 21 from 1-6pm. Scroll down to see more info in the previous post.

NHC Application

National Homebrew Competition application window open now thru Feb 7th!!!!!!

GEBL IPA Bracket Competition

GEBL (Greater Everett Brewers League) IPA Bracket Challenge in Everett, WashingtonEntry window: January 31st to February 13th
Drop-off deadline: February 16th
Competition: February 20th

We are going to be changing the competition a bit this year to follow the new BJCP 2015 style guidelines, but we will still be going with four brackets and the top 16 entries in the bracket round. The entry registration website has been setup accordingly and the brackets will be English IPA (12C), American IPA (21A), Specialty IPA (21B), and Double IPA (22A). If you have an Experimental IPA, please classify it as a Specialty IPA and make sure to include the experimental parts of the reciepe. We will do our best to group them together.

Participants are encouraged to enter as many different IPA beers as they wish. Please do not enter the same beer twice. For additional and updated information about the competition, please go to: www.gebl.org/articles/2016-gebl-ipa-bracket-challenge. Registration for the competition will open on January 11th and can be completed at ipabracket.gebl.org.

This is a BJCP certified competition as well as Washington Homebrewer of the Year qualifier.

Prior to the competition, all participants will be emailed the entry number(s) for their beer(s). With these numbers, brewers can follow along during the live webcast as their beer(s) advances through the bracket.

Competition entry fee: $6 per beer – three 12oz bottles



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