Novembeerfest Puget Sound Pro-Am

Olympic Brewing is our local drop off.....check link below for details


Lights Out - Dark Beer Only Competition

Still time to enter the Lights Out - Dark Beer Only Competition. Beers must be received by Monday Oct. 8th. See link below for details...

September Q&A, September and October Meetings

The September Q&A Session is Thursday September 20th from 6:30-8:30pm in the side diningroom of Sound Brewery in Poulsbo. Our guest speaker is Mark Hood - owner/general manager of Sound Brewery. Mark will talk about his time of homebrewing, his travel and beer influences and how he created Monk's Indiscretion. Please come by earlier for dinner or order your beer and food at the bar before you enter the Session.

The September Meeting is Friday September 28th from 5-9pm and is hosted by Alan at his place north of Poulsbo. The theme is Oktoberfest/Marzens and similar lagers and fresh hop/harvest brews. Alan will also be conducting a glassware demonstration - one brew will be placed in a variety of glass styles and you can sniff and sip to discover how the glass style affects the brew. Please bring a potluck dish to share. Carpooling is recommended. There is some parking near the house and more at the top of the very steep and long driveway. A flashlight is recommended, also.

The October Meeting is Friday October 19th from 4-9pm and is hosted by Curt and Diane at their place in East Bremerton. The theme will be IPAs, other homebrews and any BIG BREW beers if you have some left from May. Please bring a potluck dish to share and don't forget your taster glass.

More info is in the Newsletter emailed out 9/17.

Summer Meetings, Portland AHA Conference and Beerstock

The June Meeting is Saturday June 9th from 2-6pm and is hosted by Don and Sarah at their place in Eglon. We will be celebrating Don's 70th birthday and that he was also at the very first WSB meeting 26 years ago. Don still brews on his updated 10 gallon system. Belgian beer styles (homebrew and commercial) are the theme for the meeting and any homebrew is welcomed to share. Don will be cooking up a pork dish and will have some veggie sides. Please bring a potluck dish to share and don't forget your tasting glass. Also the meeting will be outside, so you may want to bring a chair and jacket. The address given is incorrect in the current Newsletter, but will be updated in the upcoming Reminder Newsletter coming out next week.

The AHA Conference in Portland this year takes place from June 28th thru the 30th and the WSB will have a booth on Club Night. Several members will be attending bringing a variety of brews to share with other clubs that Friday night.

The July Meeting is Saturday July 14th from 2-8pm and is hosted by Bruce and Dee at their place near Point No Point. Summer brews (homebrews and commercial) are the theme. This meeting will also be outside, so please bring a chair and jacket, plus a potluck dish to share.

The Bremerton Summer Brew Fest on the boardwalk in Bremerton is July 20th and 21st.

Beerstock will once again be in Orting, but will be delayed a month because of the AHA Conference being so close. The date is August 11th and the theme is "Space, where no beer has gone before". The WSB will have a double booth again and there will be camping.

The August Meeting is Saturday August 25th from 1-10pm and will be hosted by Oggie and Wendy at their place on Erlands Point. The theme will be Meads, Ciders and Wine and there will be a friendly competition for best homemade mead, cider or wine. One bottle of Mead will suffice, but Cider/Wine will probably need 2 22oz bottle or 3 12oz bottles. Oggie will be cooking up some brisket and pork. Please bring your taster glass, homebrews, commercial brews and a potluck dish.

The Q&A Sessions will start again in September. The September Meeting is Friday September 28th from 5-9pm and is hosted by Alan. The theme is Oktoberfest and Marzens. More info on the meetings is in the Newsletter emailed out 8/19.

Interbay brewery crawl and May Q&A Session

The WSB will have an Interbay brewery crawl on Saturday May 19th in honor of Paul having his pro-am Brown Ale brewed at Figurehead Brewing. We will first visit Rooftop Brewing, then Figurehead, Urban Family and Holy Mountain. We will meet at 12:15pm inside the Colman ferry terminal and then take the RapidRide "D" Line north. More details in the Newsletter emailed out 5/13.

Our May Q&A Session is Thursday May 24th from 6:30-8:30pm at Hale's Barrelhouse in Bremerton. Our guest speaker is Bill of Olympic Brewing Supply. Come by earlier for dinner - they serve soups and sandwiches - or order before you enter the Session.

Thank You to all who came out for Big Brew!. We had 5 brewers who made a total of 23 gallons. Mark brewed 5 gallons of Dusty Mud Dry Irish Stout. Curt and Terry made 10 gallons of Rye IPA. Jack made 5 gallons of Black IPA and Dan made 3 gallons of Kolsch.

Cask Fest Winners and Big Brew!

Thank You to all who attended our WSB Cask Fest. We had a tie for First Place with 19 points - Paul for his "Uplift" Best Bitter and Dan for his bottle conditioned "Good Kitty" Pale Ale. Third Place with 13 points went to Steve for his bottle conditioned Wee Heavy. We had a tie for Honorable Mention with 11 points - Ryan for his English Bitter and Dan for his bottle conditioned "Black Cat" Black Cherry Cider". Congratulations to All!

Big Brew! is an American Homebrewers Association world wide event on Saturday May 5th. The West Sound Brewers club will gather starting at 9:30am in the Keyport area. The world wide Toast to Homebrewing is at 10am our time. Get there early if you want to be in our photo. Big Brew! is club members getting together with their brewing equipment and supplies and brew all day. You can use an AHA recipe or brew your own. We then submit how many people attended and how many gallons of brew were made. Last year we had about 8 groups brewing and made about 55 gallons. Club members who don't brew may bring other homebrews and commercial brews and a potluck dish to share. Don't forget your taster glass and bottled water. There is a covered Shelter with a cement slab, electrical outlets, one water faucet, two picnic tables and restrooms. There are two other picnic tables on the grass. Dress for any weather and you may want to bring your own chair or pop-up shelters. There is also a grill available and you will need to bring your own charcoal.
More info is in the Newsletter emailed out 4/13.

Wood Fest Winners, April Q&A and Cask Fest

Thank You to everyone who participated in Wood Fest. We were also joined by two other homebrew clubs - Grainpeace and Wortmongers. Thank You to Silver City Brewery for the use of your space. We had 17 entries of wood aged brews and 22 people voted. First Place votes are 3 points, Second Place votes are 2 points and Third Place votes are 1 point. First Place with a total of 19 points went to Brad M. for his Rye Barleywine with oak and bourbon. Second Place with 18 points went to Brad M. for his Coffee Imperial Stout with oak and bourbon. Third Place with 17 points is Ryan D. for his Belgian Dubbel aged in a Woodinville Whiskey barrel. Honorable Mention with 14 points is Steve Ferguson for his oaked Weizenbock. Congratulations to all!

Our next Q&A Session is with Ryan D. on Tuesday April 10th from 6:30-8:30pm. Our May Q&A is with Bill S. on Thursday May 24th from 6:30-8:30pm.

Our annual homebrew Cask Fest is Saturday April 14th from 2-6pm. Please bring your homebrew in a vessel that doesn't need to de dispensed with CO2. We already have 3 ales and one cider and hope to see more.

More info is in the Newsletter emailed out March 28th.

March Q&A and Wood Fest Meeting

The WSB March Q&A Session is Wednesday March 21st from 6:30-8:30pm and our guest speaker is Matt from Silver City Brewery. Matt will have a discussion of his time of homebrewing, the styles of beer that he brewed and experimenting with yeast. Also what he has learned with working with the barrel program. The Q&A will be at a new location and the info will be in an upcoming Newsletter.

The WSB March Meeting is our annual Wood Fest on Saturday March 31st from 2-6pm. Please bring your homebrews, aged in or on wood, in a growler, 3 22oz bottles or the equivalent and have them labeled with your full name and the name of your brew. We will open the wood brews at 4pm and then vote on Favorite Brew - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places. At about 5:30pm we will announce the winners. While we wait for everyone to arrive, we can share other homebrews or any bottles of Silver City Brewery beers - bring vintage Silver City bottles if you have them. No other commercial bottles/growlers allowed. Don't forget your taster glass and bottled water. Please bring a potluck dish to share - crockpots will most likely not be able to be plugged in. A few members of the South Kitsap homebrew club Grainpeace will join us. More info in an upcoming Newsletter.

The annual WSB Cask Fest is scheduled for Saturday April 14th. Please bring your Real Ale or cider in a vessel that then can be dispensed without CO2. One year we had 10 cask conditioned homebrews and they were all served uniquely - no vessels or dispensing system were the same. You homebrewers are a very inventive lot. This will be another friendly competition. We can share other homebrews while we wait for everyone to arrive.

February Q&A and Strangebrewary

The next WSB Q&A Session is Thursday February 15th from 6:30-8:30pm in the sideroom of Sound Brewery in Poulsbo. Our guest speaker is Alan Moum of Sound Brewery and longtime club member. Alan will be discussing judging and evaluating beers with a BJCP form. This info will be well suited for club members who are entering their homebrews in the National Homebrew Competition this year. All homebrewers should learn how to evaluate their own brews - Alan can help you. Please come by early to have dinner or order at the bar before you attend the session.

Our fifth annual homebrew Strangebrewary Meeting is Saturday February 17th from 1-6pm west of Silverdale. Brew up something unusual - something outside the usual style guidelines. We will be voting for Strangest and Tastiest brews. Please bring a growler or 3 22oz bottles or the equivalent of your strange homebrew. Club members who do not brew may bring a commercial strange brew and other club members may bring any other homebrew to share while we wait for everyone to arrive. At 3pm we will start tasting the Strangebrewary homebrews, take notes and then vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Strangest category and the Tastiest category. We will announce the winners about 5:30pm. Please bring a potluck dish to share and don't forget your taster glass and bottled water.

March is our third annual homebrew Wood Fest on Saturday March 31st at Silver City Brewery (a few members of Grainpeace Homebrew Club will be joining us) and April is our annual homebrew Cask Fest and those are also a friendly competitions. May 5th is Big Brew! June is the AHA Convention in Portland and August is Beerstock.

January Barleywine Meeting and new Club Officers 2018

The annual WSB Barleywine Meeting is Sunday January 14th 2018 from 1-6pm in Bremerton. Please bring your homebrewed or commercial Barleywine to share. Don't forget your tasting glass and bottled water. These are big beers so please stay hydrated. Also bring snacks or a potluck dish to share. We will have a Tip Jar out to cover the use of the space. A designated driver is advised. Since the meeting ends at 6pm, maybe have dinner in Bremerton. More info is in the Newsletter emailed out 12/19.

The newly elected WSB 2018 Club Officers are: PRESIDENT is Oggie in honor of all his work at Beerstock and for the upcoming booth at the National Homebrew Conference in June. VICE-PRESIDENT is Steve in honor of his commitment to local and national homebrew competitions. TREASURER is Vic and Co-SECRETARIES are Ernie and Marti. Congratulations to All!


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